3DES Airdrop

The 3DES airdrop has concluded. The information on this page is for historical purposes only.

What is the 3DES airdrop?

According to the developers, “3D printing will become faster and more affordable thanks to decentralized 3D modeling. Owners of 3D printers will be able to delegate the tasks of the slice through the job exchange. The 3D printing market will receive new opportunities for development, and a new kind of monetization of idle computer equipment will appear.” You will receive 4 DES for free when you participate in this airdrop.

What is the 3DES airdrop worth?

The maximum supply of 3DES is a small 35 million (35,000,000) tokens. Assuming they reach a market cap of $50,000,000 USD, the 4 tokens that you receive from the airdrop would be worth $6. If this project attains a market cap of $1,000,000,000 USD, the 4 tokens received from the airdrop would be worth $120.

How can you participate in the 3DES airdrop?

  1. Click here to reach the 3DES airdrop bot
  2. Click “Start”.
  3. Click “Join Airdrop”.
  4. Enter your Ethereum address.
  5. Enter your email address.
  6. Join their Telegram channel & paste the activation code.
  7. Go back to the Telegram bot.
  8. Click “I sent command into Telegram group”.
  9. Follow them on Twitter and retweet their tweet.
  10. Click “I followed and retweeted”.
  11. Obtain your free 4 DES tokens!
  12. (Optional) Obtain an additional 2 DES for every friend that you refer!