About Airdrop Scouter

Airdrop Scouter is a website dedicated to listing brand new, legitimate, and worthwhile crypto airdrops. We scout the internet looking for the absolute best crypto airdrops, and when we find a winner, we list it on our website straight away.

We’re crypto enthusiasts ourselves, so we personally test each and every airdrop before it’s listed on the website. If an airdrop is too difficult to participate in, looks like a scam, or doesn’t follow through with everything that it promises, it simply won’t be listed on our website. No exceptions.

That being said, it’s still up to you to do your own research before participating in any of the airdrops listed on our websites. The crypto world is full of scammers, hackers, and fraudsters, so you always need to be on guard when handling your personal information.

Oh yeah, we also don’t do banner ads here. They’re invasive, they slow down our website, and pretty much everyone on the internet hates them. So we want nothing to do with them. Instead, we use affiliate links, and may receive compensation when you click through to an airdrop.

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