Advertise Your Airdrop

I’m sure you’ve already noticed, but right at the top of our homepage you’ll find what we like to call the featured airdrop list. Our featured airdrop list receives 5 times as many clicks as airdrops listed in the free listing section, which translates to more users and more sales for your project.

If you’re running an airdrop and you want more users, why not place your airdrop where your future users will look first? Why not advertise on our featured airdrop list? You can have your airdrop listed in our featured airdrop list for as little as 1.5 ETH per month! We have three featured slots; appropriately named Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

Featured Airdrop Prices & Availability:

If you like the look of our prices, fill out the form below with all of your information and we’ll get back to you!

Note: We also accept payment in other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Nano! Just let us know which coin you’d like to pay with in the additional details box and we’ll work something out!

Advertise Your Airdrop: