Articlex Airdrop

The Articlex airdrop has concluded. This page exists for historical purposes only.

What is the Articlex airdrop?

According to the developers, “We will develop an unique and universal platform where people can easily find out news and articles regarding every topic, searching between all the blogs in the network. Moreover, users will be able to change the settings of their personal account and decide their favourite template. All the websites they visit will be shown with that graphic.” You will receive 320 ARTX tokens for free when you sign up for the airdrop.

What is the Articlex airdrop worth?

The maximum supply of Articlex is a modest 5 billion (5,000,000,000) tokens. Assuming they reach a market cap of $50,000,000 USD, the 320 tokens that you receive from the airdrop would be worth $3.20. If this project attains a market cap of $1,000,000,000 USD, the 320 tokens received from the airdrop would be worth $64.

How can you participate in the Articlex airdrop?

  1. Click here to reach the Articlex website.
  2. Enter your name.
  3. Enter your email address.
  4. Create a password.
  5. Enter your Ethereum address.
  6. Click “Airdrop” on the left side of the screen.
  7. Enter your password.
  8. Join their Telegram channel.
  9. Enter your Telegram username.
  10. Follow them on Twitter.
  11. Like them on Facebook.
  12. Subscribe to them on YouTube.
  13. Like their video on YouTube
  14. (Optional) Gain an additional 100 ARTX by referring your friends with your unique referral link.