Elementh Foundation Airdrop

The Elementh Foundation airdrop has concluded. The information on this page is for historical purposes only.

What is the Elementh Foundation airdrop?

According to the developers, “Elementh Foundation is aiming at solving the problems of the modern world of e-commerce. Elementh is a blockchain for e-commerce, which is a register of ownership of goods with the ability to write specialized smart contracts and use of the nomenclature standard to quickly create various decentralized and centralized applications for e-commerce.” You will receive 1 ELEM token for free when you sign up for the airdrop.

What is the Elementh Foundation airdrop worth?

The maximum supply of Elementh Foundation is a small 303 million (303,000,000) tokens. Assuming they reach a market cap of $50,000,000 USD, the 1 token that you receive from the airdrop would be worth $0.16. If this project attains a market cap of $1,000,000,000 USD, the 1 token received from the airdrop would be worth $3.3.

How can you participate in the Elementh Foundation airdrop?

  1. Click here to reach the Elementh Foundation website.
  2. Click “Join Airdrop”.
  3. Enter your name and email address.
  4. Create a password.
  5. Enter your Ethereum address.
  6. Enter your Country.
  7. Enter your Telegram username.
  8. Open the confirmation email and click the confirmation link.
  9. Join the official Elementh Foundation Telegram channel.
  10. Obtain your 1 free ELEM token!
  11. (Optional) Gain an additional 1 ELEM by referring your friends with your unique referral link.