eLYQD Airdrop

The eLYQD airdrop is currently active. You can click here to participate.

What is the eLYQD airdrop?

According to the developers, “Due to its decentralized nature, eLYQD offers significant advantages over traditional, centralized ecommerce platforms and opens up the rapidly growing marketplace to
new business and user segments. It allows anyone to list items for sale, to set up a store, or to make a purchase. At the same time, eLYQD contains powerful tools to facilitate both the user experience and to protect customers and merchants.” You will receive 2,000 LYQD tokens for free from the airdrop.

What is the eLYQD airdrop worth?

The maximum supply of eLYQD is an astounding 100 billion (100,000,000,000) tokens. Assuming they reach a market cap of $50,000,000 USD, the 2,000 tokens that you receive from the airdrop would be worth around $1. If this project attains a market cap of $1,000,000,000 USD, the 2,000 tokens received from the airdrop would be worth around $20.

How can you participate in the eLYQD airdrop?

  1. Click here to reach the eLYQD airdrop form.
  2. Join their Telegram channel.
  3. Share them on Facebook.
  4. Share them on Twitter.
  5. Enter your full name.
  6. Enter your email address.
  7. Enter your Telegram username, Facebook username, Twitter username, Ethereum address.
  8. Click “Join Airdrop”.
  9. Claim your free 2,000 LYQD tokens!