Max Data Airdrop

The Max Data airdrop has concluded. The information on this page is for historical purposes only.

What is the Max Data airdrop?

According to the developers, “MaxData is a blockchain based startup that will radically change the way consumers and companies interact. We’re building a platform transforming the very way we do business, not just improving on the status quo. MaxData will use blockchain technology to eliminate market inefficiencies and ever-increasing prices in the service economy.” You will receive 10 MXD tokens for free when you sign up for the airdrop.

What is the Max Data airdrop worth?

The maximum supply of Max Data is unknown, but as right now, 10 MXD is selling for $1 USD in the official ICO. This means that the 10 MXD tokens given out for the airdrop are worth exactly $1 USD.

How can you participate in the Max Data airdrop?

  1. Click here to reach the Max Data website.
  2. Join the official Max Data Telegram channel.
  3. Enter your first & last name.
  4. Enter your email address.
  5. Enter your Country.
  6. Enter your Telegram username.
  7. Enter your Ethereum address.
  8. Obtain your 10 free MXD tokens!
  9. (Optional) Gain an additional 10 MXD by referring your friends with your unique referral link.