Quiz Beat Airdrop

The Quiz Beat airdrop is currently active. You can click here to participate.

What is the Quiz Beat airdrop?

According to the developers, “Quiz Beat aims to revolutionise the gaming and gambling industry by targeting trivia, sports and esports fans world-wide. We are creating an innovative new gaming platform which at its core uses a peer-to-peer skill gaming model ​and various quiz based gametypes.​” You will go into the draw to win the major prize of $11,375, or share many of the minor prizes (estimated to be worth around $77).

What is the Quiz Beat airdrop worth?

The maximum supply of Quiz Beat is a hefty 1.6 billion (1,600,000,000) tokens. The 11 million tokens up for grabs in the various jackpots are worth $385,000 USD (according to the ICO price of the QUIZ token). Assuming there are 5,000 participants in the jackpot, the average participant will receive 2,200 QUIZ tokens worth $77 USD.

How can you participate in the Quiz Beat airdrop?

You need to earn 150 points to qualify for the airdrop.

  1. Click here to reach the Quiz Beat airdrop page.
  2. Click “Join”.
  3. Create a username, a password, and enter your email address.
  4. Click the confirmation link in the confirmation email.
  5. Click “Earn Points”.
  6. Join their Telegram channel & enter your Telegram username (25 points).
  7. Follow them on Twitter & enter your Twitter username (25 points).
  8. Enter your Ethereum address (25 points).
  9. Share their post on Facebook (50 points).
  10. Share their post on Twitter (50 points).
  11. Sit back and wait for the Jackpot draw!
  12. (Optional) Obtain an additional 50 points for every friend you refer.