Where To Trade Crypto

Are you wondering where to trade crypto? With so many dodgy exchanges out there, it can be quite nerve wracking trying to trade your crypto as a beginner. This page will point you in the direction of all of the reuptable and trustworthy exchanges, and will give pros and cons for each.

Still not sure how to keep your crypto safe? Take a look at our how to keep your crypto safe guide first, and then come back to this page once you’re ready to learn where to trade crypto! Are you back? Great! Let’s move on to the important stuff.

Where To Trade Crypto

Ideally, you will create an account with all of the exchanges listed below. Each exchange has its own pros and cons, so it’s good to have a verified account on each exchange just in case a certain crypto is only listed on a certain exchange, etc. The exchanges will be listed from most useful to least useful.


The first exchange you need to know about is Binance. Binance popped up in the middle of 2017, and quickly became the #1 crypto exchange on the planet. It has low trading fees, hundreds of different cryptos to trade, and a great user interface. Binance should be the first place you go to sell your airdrop cryptos. You can create an account by clicking here.


Kucoin is an up and coming exchange, which gets a lot of the smaller cryptos before Binance does. It doesn’t have as much volume as Binance, but the user interface is great and the trading fees are relatively low. Kucoin is a great place to trade cryptos that haven’t been added to the bigger exchanges yet, and you can create an account by clicking here.

Coinbase and GDAX

Coinbase is the best on ramp for crypto. By this I mean that if you want to buy crypto with “real” money, Coinbase is the place to start. On the flip side, if you want to sell your crypto for “real” money, Coinbase is often the best place to do so.

As well as trading crypto for “real” money, you can also use GDAX (owned by Coinbase) to trade cryptos with 0 fees. This is quite attractive, but since the only cryptos available to trade are Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ether, many people ignore GDAX in favour of other exchanges.

Coinbase and GDAX are great for buying/selling crypto for “real” money, as well as for trading the big three cryptos without any fees. You can create an account by clicking here.